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submissive bottom/slave faggot inferior beta omega looking for a keyholder.. this inferior has a pathetic micropenis/clit of 8cm (around 3,5") hard. Wanna serve a Real Man who humiliates me, uses me and owns me in a sexual way. Not looking for a sadist. slave loves dicks. faggot has a micropenis. it is the most worthless part of my body, but i can have a tiny erection. it is by far NOT a bigboy-penis, i usually call it a clit. and i realise i will never have a real male penis. i probably won't ever fuck or please anyone with it. i was given a clit instead of a real dick for a reason. it marks me. like guys that pay no attention to my clit and sperm (if ever allowed to cum...), unless for humiliation, teasing, punishing, torture or locking it. i want to desex my penis. it is a tool for peeing. nothing more. A Dom/Top/Master/Sir/Real Man/Al[ha is on earth for having sex, i am not. into bondage, kissing, fuck, suck, deepthroat, piss, lending out, poppers, mindfuck, soft cock and balltorture, gags, blindfold, masks, chastity, licking, cum, cages, kidnap, control, collar, spit, cuckold, humilation, objectification, sissification, degradation, lingerie. kik: sub020

Obey fags!
Never cum!
Never touching!

You were lied to, all your life. All MEN are created equal. Be a MAN! Take charge! Lies. All males are NOT MEN. 

Some males are born large and strong, confident and charming. They turn heads, effortlessly get attention and get what then want. Gifted with powerful seed and a large cock to deliver loads. These are worthy MEN. 

You were born with a deep desire to kneel in front of Alpha MEN, kiss their feet, lick their nuts, suck out loads, be humiliated, and even be a human urinal, drinking Alpha piss. You omega males, or fags, often have a hard time accepting you were born to serve. Hard to accept you crave, fantasize about serving, but feel waves of shame after orgasm. 

Looking down after you cum, you see a little dick, tiny load, and try and pretend you didn’t just dream of being a shameless hole. Stop denying the truth! You’re a fag! Own it, and be the best fag you can be! 

Tiny male clits are a funny little distraction. The little lump of flesh, doesn’t provide the ability to create much sensation. A fag will two finger tug, have a sad little ejaculation and feel disappointment. 

The real fag sex organ is his pussy. When a fag’s pussy is being pounded, his brain is flooded with pain and pleasure, causing his clitty to go limp. A fag clit is useless... so cage it. Proudly display your place as a omega male, born to be a hole. 

A caged fag is a good fag. Cage your clitty and free your true self. 

It happens only once. A fag is asked to fuck, and his tiny little pee pee goes immediately limp. Shame and humiliation are the result, followed by laughter. Stop pretending to be a MAN little fag. Accept the fact that you’re a fag. You’re a hole. You’re a failed male. 

Learn to suck, swallow and relax your pussy. That’s your fate, faggot. Learn to enjoy you low place as an inferior male. 

Hard to believe that little winkie belongs to a male. It hilariously wiggles, as a real MAN stuffs the fags greased up pussy. Even with the fag being pounded he may still have the mistaken idea he’s a MAN. 

No. Not even close. You’re a fag, who was born to be used by real MEN like us. We are not to lead and breed. You fags were born to ge a greased up hole, and carry around my seed, faggot. Make all our lives easier and accept facts. 

Not all males are MEN. 

When a Man wants his faggot to fuck him, this is how a faggot fucks.   Prosthesis is necessary since faggot clits are useless for fucking.  At least being a faggot there is something to attach the prosthesis to, and a full strap-on isn’t necessary.  So faggots can take comfort in that much.  The fag may even fantasize about being a real Man while going through the motions of a fuck.  Even fags need their fantasies.  Unfortunately that is all it will ever be - a fantasy.

 The Chaste Chemist

This is funny!

But true.

This is how I do fuck when I’m told to.... this is the only way all subs like me should fuck!! 

Locked and safe... 

When the fag keeps doing dishes as you entertain yourself in his cunt, you know he's a keeper.

Haha. Look at his hilarious little, limp peen and his weak, passive groans as he gets to be part of a real man having a real orgasm. Oh well, close as you'll ever get faggot!

So true, and once that elusive anal orgasm has been attained with a sissy in her cage, the real sissy journey begins...hehehe